New Contaminated Soil Recycling Facility (SRF)

Haldimand County – Ontario, Canada

TUQ4 is pleased to announce the 2022 Opening of their Contaminated Soil Recycling Facility (SRF) in Haldimand County, Ontario, Canada.

Under Provincial Environmental Compliance Approval (ECA) requirements, the TUQ 4 “Clean/Green” technology facility, a Class 1 Soil Management Site under Ontario Regulation 406/19 (On-site and Excess Soil Management), is the first to “high percentage recycle” almost any CSW received from the United States or Canada, including those from emergency (e.g., vehicle accident, natural disaster, workplace releases) and currently non-regulated contaminant, such as PFAS compounds, situations.

The TUQ4 vision is to change the perception of contaminated soil waste (CSW), and for that matter all solid urban development derived (UDD) excess materials, from a “Waste” to a “Resource” in the Circular Economy; lessening the demands for the non-sustainable practice of landfilling and use of non-renewable natural resources extracted from local quarries and pits to replace landfilled CSW material.

The SRF will produce clean soil and granular fill/aggregate, verified by independent third-party laboratory testing, to meet customer-defined or strict ECA-defined quality requirements for unrestricted beneficial reuse in the community. In addition, and since urban-derived CSW often contains non-soil debris such as metals, glass, plastic, wood and the like, TUQ 4 shall recover these non-soil materials from the CSW and beneficially reuse them wherever possible through the existing local network of recycling, energy from waste, and niche manufacturing industries. 

Where customer project conditions permit, TUQ 4 can provide real Sustainable Remediation alternatives whereby CSW is received, recycled to customer quality requirements, and returned to the customer for beneficial reuse.   Mobile CSW recycling services for on-site project use may be considered!

Due to the unique nature of advanced technology application at the Facility, TUQ 4 is also excited to bring highly skilled environmental “essential service” jobs to Ontario and specifically Haldimand County.

This is “The Urban Quarry (TUQ)” concept driven by the Four Sustainability Principles –  this is TUQ 4  –  Sustainability Actioned.

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